Fools’ Apocalypse Review #5

The reason I want to review this book is because 1) It was free. And 2) It was really good.

“Why give something away when it is this good? I can understand wanting to open yourself up to new readers, but this is a good first book in what I hope will be an even better series. It shouldn’t be free for long.

I like the story because it deals with a very mainstream genre in a very different and realistic way. The characters are imperfect, gritty, selfish, egotistical, depressed, but you still like them, because you empathize with them. You want what they want. So when the dead start waking up, you are already walking in their shoes, and the action is intense – also, once the action starts, it’s non-stop.

The story takes a while to build, which could turn people off. But in order to appreciate the story I think the author really wanted to dive deep into their inner thoughts, pull out the disgusting truth about these people, so you feel their pain and emotions as their situation and opinions change.

I wish more stories were like this. I usually read a lot of science fiction, but this was free so I tried it. I’m glad I did. I hardly ever review.” – Jason E