Strange Land Review #2

Previously Titled: Surviving the Improbable Quest

“First off, it’s my first time to encounter an adventure novel with a paraplegic teen as a protagonist, and that just opens up an entire world of possibilities for me as a reader. Allan Westerfield Off-World by Anderson Atlas is, in a word, innovative.

Allan Westerfield is riveting and extraordinary tale of courage and adventure. The chapters flow easily from one to another, creating a nice narrative that is gripping from start to finish. I also have to comment Atlas’ command of the language because he was able to paint a very vivid world with salamander-people, a balloon-like creature, bird guards that look both regal and ominous, and so many other interesting characters.

The book has a wonderful story and a lot of heart to boot—something that not a lot of its contemporaries can achieve at the same time. I think that Anderson Atlas did an extremely great job in creating an alternate world for Allan Westerfield and I highly recommend this book to everyone.”

Review by Victoria at Book Beast