Strange Lands Review #3

Previously Titled: Surviving the Improbable Quest

REALLY Good review from a woman in Sri Lanka. This makes me feel very good!!

Whoa! I don’t know what to say about this book. But my mind says ” You must say something about this.”

5 STARS ***** rating!

This story was such a brilliant story. I always feel muddle-headed with wrong guesses. Yeah..! I always made wrong guesses about the story & that was a good thing. It made me excited & forced me to read the book till the end.
And finally I must tell about how was the end of the story & the illustrations. Illustrations were help me to comprehend the story contents very well. It was terribly awesome how uncle Rubic met Allan eventually. I expected some miracle happens & may Allan could walk again with his legs. But it doesn’t happen. But the end of the story was SUPERB!

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