Strange Lands Reviews #5 and #6

Previously Titled: Surviving the Improbable Quest

Surviving the Improbable Quest was originally published under the title: Allan Westerfield: Off-World

Two great reviews got posted on Amazon and they are so fantastic, I’m thrilled. I’ve been sending out review requests for a month or so and have gotten some great reviews. I really hope they encourage others to share my book with my target audiences.

LU Says: “STRONG HERO LEAD. A creative and different sci-fi adventure with an imaginative new perspective of an unlikely hero. The writing behind Allan, being a paraplegic, orphan teen, draws in empathy to the reader as he struggles and perseveres throughout his trials and triumphs of his journey of survival and heroism and growth. A great action and emotion filled sci-fi adventure.
I received an ARC of this novel.”


De Lafleur says: “FASCINATING PLOT: Allan Westerfield Off-World By Anderson Atlas is a captivating sci-fi novel that combines a truly fascinating plot with unique and compelling characters. He delivers a true sci-fi thriller.

I especially loved how Anderson Atlas portrayed both the human and nonhuman characters, giving each a unique persona that added something extra to the story.

The enthralling setting, Lan Darr, was another exciting factor of the novel.

Allan Westerfield Off-World will make a thrilling read for fans of the sci-fi genre, If you are into fantasy sci-fi, this is the book for you you will not be disappointed”