Return to Lan Darr #3 Review

“excellent and exciting story. Unpredictable! A page-turner! I’d recommended the book not only for YA fans, but also everyone those who loves to read some extremely different kind of story” ~ Dilsh Wijesinghe (She’s a professional Reader and top reviewer from NetGalley)

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Before I write any of my thoughts about the book, I must warn to every reader.


“When You Go to Mountain Side for a Walk….
Don’t Try to Smell or Pluck the Strange Flowers in There….
If You Spread the Pollens of Hubbu Above Your Head by Mistake….
You’ll Figure Out How Far They Can Take You Away….!

So, be careful!

“Return to Lan Darr” is the second book of the “Heroes of Distant Planet” series by Anderson Atlas. The first book of the series is “Surviving the Improbable Quest”. It doesn’t matter if the reader didn’t read the first book of the series, second book will give a rough idea about what happen in the beginning of the series. But, I think it’ll probably useful to the readers if they read the first book. You can get a better & clear idea of the story if you read the first one as well.

I’m really pleasure to find out that “Return to Lan Darr” was interesting as same as the “Surviving the Improbable Quest”. Allan Westerfield was the my favourite character, our hero in the story. He is a paraplegic young boy though he discovered a mysterious another world and brave enough to return to that world “Lan Darr” again. And all of the characters of this story [Allan, Rubic, Laura, Jibbwak, Asantia, Allice, etc…] are well-developed. When I read chapter to chapter, I feel as they were real people & animals and I was able to build up a clear mind-pictures of the characters & the incidents happen in the story, like a movie.

The story was always able to kept me guessing of the upcoming incidents. But unfortunately, I always made up wrong guesses. I really expected Allan will return straight to the Lan Darr. But instead of that, he end-up with discovering another parallel world named “Peebland”.

Sometimes, some of the incidents of the book made me feel sad, pleasure & anger. For instance, I feel sad for Allan after he treated like a lunatic who talks about other worlds by his whole school friends. There were no one who believes Allan. The effort Alice took to find her lost daughter make me feel sad. I really felt happy when Laura chose Allan as her boyfriend. It was a rare incident of the modern days. A bit of people can do such a dedication like choose paraplegic person as a life partner. I really proud about the character of Laura.

I admire the impressive writing style of the author, Anderson Atlas. His writing style , plot of the story & the methodical way he built up the story gripped me into the book and kept me turning pages along. I also think the author was gave some of his aspects as well as from the story. For instance, I’d like to abstract couple of parts of the book that sank deep into my heart indeed.

#.”Nothing is free, Everything that comes to you must be paid for. The payment for stealing, for instance, can be spending many years behind bars. Payment for laziness which can seem free will be poverty. Even if a stranger tries to give you something for free, they will come for some kind of payment. It’s just the way the world works.”

#.”He’s also said that we have to discover and invent something on our own. He’d say, give a man a fish & he’ll eat for one meal. Teach him how to be a fisherman and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

I think those are valuable quotes for someone to remember.

Overall, This was a excellent and exciting story. Unpredictable! A page-turner! I’d recommended the book not only for YA fans, but also everyone those who loves to read some extremely different kind of story. An incomparable most dangerous exploration book. I really did enjoy the reading of this handy & stunning work of the author!!!