Return to Lan Darr #4 Review

“Return to Lan Darr by Anderson Atlas is a wonderful and original fantasy that looks into what the author refers to as ‘Heroes of Distant Planets.’ Written in a lucid and fast paced style, the storyline is designed to awaken the imaginations of young teens and expand their horizons to the far reaches of the universe. The main protagonist is an unlikely young teen named Allan, who has lost the use of his legs and is confined to a wheelchair. Allan now lives with his uncle Rubic, and has an inexplicable dream where he is given a message that a villainous creature named the Jibbhawk has escaped from his prison and is searching for Allan. The Jibbhawk wants to take revenge on Allan and his friends on Lan Darr, because they are responsible for defeating him in an earlier adventure on a fantasy alien planet.

A typically fantastic method of travel to the stars is there on Earth, waiting to be found. A roller coaster ride starts with the search for the Hubbu Flower. Allan in his wheelchair, his old uncle Rubic, a girlfriend of his, the psychotic mother of a missing child, the police searching for them, a flower seller, and many amazing fantastical creatures on several planets form a jigsaw puzzle of excitement and thrills. Mystery abounds with adventure and battles through many fantastical planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. The author, Anderson Atlas, has taken care to weave in many lessons of bravery, ability, and graciousness, as well as courage to face adversity and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles faced by the protagonists. The book is written in present tense and is very readable for its target audience of adolescents. A valiant effort.” ~ Reviewed by Deepak Menon for Readers’ Favorite