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Linda was raised in Long Beach, CA and attended Cal State University Long Beach. She taught elementary school in Huntington Beach, CA, Big Bear Lake, CA, and Tucson, AZ where she currently resides with her husband of 37 years, Rob. They have one daughter, Lacey, and two grandchildren, Mason 4, and Riley 2. Her love of children and their creative imaginations has inspired her books.

​Linda's ​New Children's Book:

laceys stuffed animals children's book

Lacy has too many stuffed animals. Her bedroom, and eventually home overflows. When the family must move into a smaller home Lacy is forced to make a tough decision and find homes for her beloved friends. This lovely book is touching and a wonderful lesson about hardship and sharing. 

lacey's stuffed animals childrens book

My Best Friend is a Monster

Book Blurb:

Afraid of the dark? Nope . . .

Messy room? Broken slide? Scared on roller coasters? No Problem!

My monster is always by my side. A boy and his monster are best friends through the good times and the bad. This fun and loving book digs into a heartwarming relationship between a boy and his imaginary friend.

Perfect for ages 3 - 6The text is thought provoking and the images bright and colorful. My Best Friend is a Monster belongs on your shelf!